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I gracefully accept this award…


Mommy Chris gave me an awesome award! I wanna thank Mommy Chris fot this award. She is a wonderful woman whose blog has become one of my favorite sites. I love her blog because there is nothing in there that gave me an unpleasant feeling. Positivity and praises are it’s main core. Sharing pictures and thoughts toward motherhood has become easy for me because her blog openhandedly allows any mom blogger to do such with delight and dignity.

Do visit her blog. You won’t regret doing so, that’s for sure 🙂


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There has been a debate going on between what really transpired in LUST open party held on January 16, 2009, at Greenmeadows. The said party was organized by Poveda third-year high. school students.
A letter from Mrs. Celine Piezas, mother of Marcel, was all over the net. Marcel, a second-year Ateneo student, was mauled by a group of high school students. Read this. Then a rhetoric letter was also made by STOYA kids who defended the misbehaviour and it goes like this:

Here’s the whole story, we’ll try to keep it as short as possible:
So most of you know what happened in Lust. An Atenean got beaten up for molesting a girl (correct us if we’re wrong, but this isn’t what the entry is about). We all know stuff like these are BOUND to happen but when your parents call up your school to complain, things get ugly.
The school started investigating on students who were involved in organizing parties. As soon as we heard the news, we approached that sophomore and told him to tell his parents that we HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TRUTH. Surprisingly, this only added to the flames as his parents felt that their son was being threatened. OBVIOUSLY, all our names popped out together with the Asylum people once the investigation began. Since we never had started GM-ing Nitro, the school decided to interrogate our brothers in 3rd year, leaving us on the sideboard. They were threatened to be expelled and what not, but after they talked to several people (parents, school officials, you name it), they replied with letters explaining that open parties are obviously out of their hands but once trouble happens in these said events, the organizers will be forced to take full responsibility facing charges from BOTH the school and parents.
It’s our graduating year and EVEN THOUGH FIGHTS NEVER HAPPEN IN OUR PARTIES, we wouldn’t want to take risks. Rumors say that school officials and parents plan on dismissing/expelling us if we pursue Nitro as to set an example of how not to treat the last days in high school.
We would like you to know that one of the things we are most proud of would be the crowd in our parties. We love you guys ’til death! The guys don’t fight, the girls actually aren’t all KJ and snobby. You make us smile and give us our daily energy; all the words of encouragement and positive feedback.
HOWEVER, it can only take ONE person to destroy a party. All he/she needs to do is to tell his/her parents to call up the school, name names and say drugs or what not has been going around. Also, the police can always be ordered to go to a party to end it. We all know for a fact that it’s illegal to drink at such an age. We’re just disappointed something like this had to happen for something not big at all. Pucha, everyday people DIE due to far more worse incidents than mere fist fights and now people start making this such a HUGE deal since it happened to someone close to them? Parties have been going on since FOREVER which is precisely why we can’t see why this had to happen NOW. We have no other intention but to have FUN when we host parties so don’t call us insensitive and immoral for promoting alcohol under the age of 18. You’ve never had a shot of vodka or a cold glass of beer? Don’t be a hypocrite and lie. It’s part of high school, face the fact! We are given the CHOICE (hence the name OPEN party) whether to drink or not. Also, It’s the parents’ choice to allow their children to go and do these things so if you have a problem with parties, don’t allow your children. It’s as simple as that! Don’t go around whining and complaining how evil the young adolescents of the Philippine society are today. You just cannot see yourselves 40 years from now telling your friends, “Pare, naalala mo ba nung nasa highschool tayo nung nag perfect ako sa Math quiz?” That’s complete bullshit. Chances are most of you will be talking about the first time you smoked up, got drunk, or kissed your crush.
Enough with the hate towards them; Who are we to say what’s right from wrong? It’s not how the world works and there isn’t much we can do.
The bottom line is: We STILL need to follow the rules because we chose to study in this school. STOYA has decided not to push through with Nitro or any other party ’til further notice due to an incident blown way out of proportion.
This completely saddens us as we never intended to make things this way. We obviously still want to make parties. HECK, Valle Verde 4 was already paid for and our Greenmeadows reservation (Expulsion 2) for April 3 has been set. SAYANG. We planned to get SOBERCLUB, ELATION AND PARTY FUEL for our last party as a thank you present to all our supporters and friends! Our dreams of creating 7 parties in 12 months are most likely not to push through! Eight if you would even include Dipsomania. Although it would be too early to say that this would be the end for STOYA’s parties, We would like to thank you all for supporting us and hearing us out! Just remember that life is such a precious gift so we should all make the most out of it.
To sum it all up, people will never believe in the same things. This is what makes Earth a more challenging yet exciting place to live in. A famous quote goes, “If you want to fail, try pleasing everyone.” But what’s important is that you believe in something and stand by it, and we believe in creating the best parties which will make your high school stay a one worth remembering! With the school and parents breathing down our necks, doing this has become immensely difficult and one thing we surely don’t believe in is making half-assed parties. Once again, we’d like to thank you for all of your support, this isn’t the last you’ve heard from STOYA…we’ll all be 18 and legal next school year anyway. 🙂
Repost this entry if you wish.
We’re kinda sad now but you can cheer us up by bringing ALL YOUR FRIENDS to ASYLUM on FEB 20 in the GREENMEADOWS CLUBHOUSE. Naghahatak kami ’til death and we can guarantee a minimum of 500 people. :> So, congrats in advance, Blacklist! Libre after ah. =P

Much love,
STOYA ’08-’09

Because investigation is still going on (hopefully) and there is no reported actions by the authorities yet (the soonest possible I hope), I cannot go beyond beyond what Marcel’s mother’s concern. I sympathize with her. She has the right to do what she did. After all, she is a mother; a mom has to do what a mom has to do, right?

With this latest event, I could hardly imagine the lifestyle teenagers of today have. As a mother, I feel alarmed with the things and activities they are engaging themselves into, particularly of the following:

(1) alcohol
(2) sex
(3) violence
(4) illegal drugs
(5) language profanity/obscenity

Although my son is still few years away from going to school, I am already intently listing my criteria in choosing a good school. But nowadays, we cannot count on our school system. Even those that are labeled “reputable” and “catholic” schools are blemished by intentional wrongdoings of its students. There is no such guarantee anymore.

As a first-time parent, I am confused as to how I would like my child to grow up. What kind of discipline I should impose? When do I say no and when do I say yes to his pleadings? Should I practice “spank” discipline and be labeled as abusive parent? Is it really true that the way a child acts is a reflection of the kind of parents he/she has? These are just a few of the many things that concern me. Parenthood is indeed a complex job!

I hope parents of today would realize how important and crucial the role we play in our children’s lives. They see us everyday. Let us give them a strong and unshakeble foundation – God’s words.

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Alfie Pattern, a 13-year-old boy from Britain, has become a father to baby Maisse Roxanne, weighing 7 lbs 3 oz. His girlfried Chantelle Steadman was 15 when she got pregnant. She said, “We know we made a mistake but I wouldn’t change it now. We will be good, loving parents.”

I do not know if I should believe this but it’s all over the net and has been the talk in mommy (and daddy) forums. At first I thought this is another hoax by those people who want either money or fame, or even both! However, if this is really true (I hope not!), I feel sad for the two adolescents and the newborn

Alfie is just a child. How could a child raise another child? Look at his frail small body. He barely looks 10, let alone 13! I can’t imagine him working hard to earn money so he could provide for his baby. When asked about how he could support the baby financially, Alfie answered: “What’s financially?” He is indeed a child in body and mind!

The world’s changing society is becoming “broken” indeed as the news call it. The parents of these two children should have protected them from the celebrity-like life the two have now. It used to be that this kind of “shame” was being kept secret in the family. The same “shame” is now being “shown” to the world, publicly announced for profit? A sad reality in life. I hope baby Maisse would grow up in a loving and supportive family. A young family could still “grow” to be God-fearing and not “broken.” There is still hope. Let’s pray for this new-breed family as well as for our children. They may grow up and come to know that this “world” of ours is still the best place to live in.

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Top 3 meme

I was tagged! Thanks Mommy Chris.

Three Names that (blogosphere)Friends Call You:
– ohmymama
– mama

Three Most Important Dates in your Life:
– Nov 28
– Sept 25
– July 24

Three Things You’ve Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
– visited other blogs and dropped comments
– went to the office
– called my yaya at home to check on my baby

Three Ways to be Happy Even your at Home:
– play with my baby
– read a book, mostly baby books
– talk to my hubby

Three Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
– cash (lol!), so that I could by
– new clothes and shoes
– plane tickets for me, OMB, and hubby to any beach resort

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
– i used to love to play badminton, but since i cant find time
– i just stay at home and play with OMB and when he’s sleeping, i turn on our computer
– and surf the net 🙂

Three Places You Want to go for a Vacation:
– boracay
– bohol
– bikol (my hubby’s hometown)

Three Favorite Drinks:
– cold water
– pine apple juice
– coffee

Three Things Found in Your Bag:
– right now im work so i brought my breastpump with me
– wallet
– cellphone

Three Favorite Colors:
– green
– blue
– white

Top Three Hangouts:
– like ive said, i usually stay at home
– when im not at home, im at work
– then i go to the malls only when necessary

Top Three You Love so Much:
– my God
– my family
– my friends

Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
– you
– you
– you (fill free to grab this meme :))

Top Three Things Special To You:
– my breastpump
– cell phone
– my digicam

Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
– i was tagged
– wanna share few info about myself
– i love answering personal questions, and this one is fun!

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Today’s Mommy Moments theme is “love letter”, that is, a love letter of your child(ren) or your love letter to your child(ren). Because OMB is only 6 months old, he could not write yet (obviously, but it’s just a matter of months more lol!). I opted to do the latter option, with the help and guidance of my hubby (of course!) 🙂


Dear OMB,

Ever since you came out into this world, I’ve become a new person. This person that I am now is a better version of me. I’ve become patient, loving, compassionate, understanding, responsible, and more focused. All these because of you. You, my little boy, brought out the best in me, qualities that I once thought not part of my being. You made me love myself more. You are the main reason why I feel joy in my heart everyday. You made me understand that I need to be happy; now I have a reason to value my life and my work — you gave me direction, you gave me light, you gave me color. I am falling inlove with you every single day. I am looking forward to each passing day, the early morning sunshine, with you in my arms. I have loved you even before you become you. I love you now and forever.

With more love,
Nanay and Tatay

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A lovely award… thank you!

I started this blog because primarily I want to have a venue to rant, muse, share, inform, and be informed. Along the way, I found other blogs who have the same “feel”, and then I started to find myself fascinated by how excited and proud these bloggers are about what they have and what they become after giving birth.

I am fortunate enough to have few of them who come by and drop a comment or two. even more fortunate to have bestowed an award — the Love Ya award.


These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their award.

Yes, this lovely lovely (can I say it one more time, LOVELY) award was given to me by Chris and Twinkie, two mommies who graciously thought I deserve this. LOL! What can I say, THANK YOU so much. This award is the very first one I have ever received since I started this blog. Who would have thought other mommy bloggers would notice this side of my world.

I have a long list in my blogroll but to tell you the truth, there are just few of them who happen to become my “net-friends”. So I would just have to let this award be grabbed by anyone in the list. Feel free to do so 🙂

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Love is really in the air. I went to the market the other day and guess what I saw. Flowers! Lots of them along the road. Red, pink, and white roses are mostly the bestsellers. Roses being lined up, in bouquets and in long stem, made me stood in awe and just looked at them in admiration. Then I thought to myself, “Gee, how come I like roses now?


Actually, dear readers (there are about 5 of you I guess lol!), I do like flowers. Why not? They are nice to look at. A rose is a symbol of love, passion, and romance. Any woman would love to receive a bouquet of roses especially from a loved one. Any guy knows that. All men, except my hubby!

Would you believe that eversince I met my hubby (OMH), he has never given me a gift of flowers on any occassion? Probably never for a Valentine gift. “I’m just not that type, baby.” This is his line whenever this kind of topic pops up in one of those conversations when (for only a few episodes) I’m feeling a bit unappreciated and unnoticed, and then I would inject a statement like this: “I missed accepting flowers as a gift.” He would just shrug it off and would unsurprisingly come up with an excuse like this: “But you told me when we were just going out as friends you hate accepting flowers on Valentine’s day. You said it’s so jologs.” When he starts sounding like this, trying to justify his lack of romance in his blood, I would just give in and nonchalantly change the topic.

Ok. A little confession here. I used to dislike flowers (take note: past tense), especially during Valentine’s day. I had a suitor who gave me a bouquet of red roses at the mall on our date. I thought I looked stupid carrying flowers while walking inside a mall on valentine’s day! Hence, my dislike on flowers during heart’s day. Reasonable enough? For me, yes.

So when I met OMH. I somehow “accidentally” gave him an impression that I didn’t want to receive flowers on heart’s day. But I fell (still inlove) inlove with him. Everything was(is) nice and easy, light and sweet, blue skies and colorful flowers (that’s it!).

Sigh. OMH took it seriously. Instead of flowers, he gifted me chocolates, books, clothes, nice dinner, kisses, hugs. Not bad at all, of course! No complaints on those things. None whatsoever.

But flowers, roses specifically, are romantic. The touchy-feely essence of it is something else. The “love, passion, and romance” character of a rose is best magnified during heart’s day, and what’s great way to feel loved and special is through receiving a bouquet of roses this February 14, am I right?

The truth of the matter is, after all these nonsensical narration and divulging on the essence of roses, this post is actually made with an intention of “coercing” OMB to buy me flowers (ha!ha!ha!). I hope he gets to read this before Feb 14 and be able to get the (OBVIOUS) message.

To OMB, if you’re reading this: Don’t you dare give me that I’m-not-the-type excuse. OK baby?

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