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Today’s Mommy Moments theme is “love letter”, that is, a love letter of your child(ren) or your love letter to your child(ren). Because OMB is only 6 months old, he could not write yet (obviously, but it’s just a matter of months more lol!). I opted to do the latter option, with the help and guidance of my hubby (of course!) 🙂


Dear OMB,

Ever since you came out into this world, I’ve become a new person. This person that I am now is a better version of me. I’ve become patient, loving, compassionate, understanding, responsible, and more focused. All these because of you. You, my little boy, brought out the best in me, qualities that I once thought not part of my being. You made me love myself more. You are the main reason why I feel joy in my heart everyday. You made me understand that I need to be happy; now I have a reason to value my life and my work — you gave me direction, you gave me light, you gave me color. I am falling inlove with you every single day. I am looking forward to each passing day, the early morning sunshine, with you in my arms. I have loved you even before you become you. I love you now and forever.

With more love,
Nanay and Tatay


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Love is really in the air. I went to the market the other day and guess what I saw. Flowers! Lots of them along the road. Red, pink, and white roses are mostly the bestsellers. Roses being lined up, in bouquets and in long stem, made me stood in awe and just looked at them in admiration. Then I thought to myself, “Gee, how come I like roses now?


Actually, dear readers (there are about 5 of you I guess lol!), I do like flowers. Why not? They are nice to look at. A rose is a symbol of love, passion, and romance. Any woman would love to receive a bouquet of roses especially from a loved one. Any guy knows that. All men, except my hubby!

Would you believe that eversince I met my hubby (OMH), he has never given me a gift of flowers on any occassion? Probably never for a Valentine gift. “I’m just not that type, baby.” This is his line whenever this kind of topic pops up in one of those conversations when (for only a few episodes) I’m feeling a bit unappreciated and unnoticed, and then I would inject a statement like this: “I missed accepting flowers as a gift.” He would just shrug it off and would unsurprisingly come up with an excuse like this: “But you told me when we were just going out as friends you hate accepting flowers on Valentine’s day. You said it’s so jologs.” When he starts sounding like this, trying to justify his lack of romance in his blood, I would just give in and nonchalantly change the topic.

Ok. A little confession here. I used to dislike flowers (take note: past tense), especially during Valentine’s day. I had a suitor who gave me a bouquet of red roses at the mall on our date. I thought I looked stupid carrying flowers while walking inside a mall on valentine’s day! Hence, my dislike on flowers during heart’s day. Reasonable enough? For me, yes.

So when I met OMH. I somehow “accidentally” gave him an impression that I didn’t want to receive flowers on heart’s day. But I fell (still inlove) inlove with him. Everything was(is) nice and easy, light and sweet, blue skies and colorful flowers (that’s it!).

Sigh. OMH took it seriously. Instead of flowers, he gifted me chocolates, books, clothes, nice dinner, kisses, hugs. Not bad at all, of course! No complaints on those things. None whatsoever.

But flowers, roses specifically, are romantic. The touchy-feely essence of it is something else. The “love, passion, and romance” character of a rose is best magnified during heart’s day, and what’s great way to feel loved and special is through receiving a bouquet of roses this February 14, am I right?

The truth of the matter is, after all these nonsensical narration and divulging on the essence of roses, this post is actually made with an intention of “coercing” OMB to buy me flowers (ha!ha!ha!). I hope he gets to read this before Feb 14 and be able to get the (OBVIOUS) message.

To OMB, if you’re reading this: Don’t you dare give me that I’m-not-the-type excuse. OK baby?

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I am joining again Mommy Chris and other moms in friday’s Mommy Moments. Today’s theme is “Preggy Days.” Here it goes 🙂

Last year, I got pregnant by my boyfriend then of 2 years. We were a bit shocked at first because it was all unplanned. We were both not ready for the “responsiblities” the pregnancy entails. Although we’re both working, we did not have savings yet and the possibility of getting married was far from our minds. In short, we were just having a grand time being together and just having fun going to places and exploring new things. God has differrent plans for us, I guess.

I could remember how delighted OMH (ohmyhubby) and I were when we saw for the first time OMB (ohmybaby) moved his fist during an ultrasound. I didn’t even know how to look at him in the monitor, where was his head and where was his bottom, due to lack of imagination I guess.


The pregnant me continued to gain weight as months passed by. The more my belly got bigger, the greater excitement we felt. My first trimester was fantastic. I did not have the so-called “morning sickness”; no vomitting and no nausea.

preggy at 4 mos

preggy at 4 mos

Thankfully to God, the second and third trimester went by as wonderful as the first trimester.

preggy at 6 mos

preggy at 6 mos

My only problem was the pain in my pelvic area; every time I would move my legs, even when I put on my underwear, I felt an excruciating pain in that particular area. This occurred when I was nearing my 9th month. My OB-GYNE told me that it was due to the pressure of baby’s weight on my pelvic and also due to hormonal changes. I also had leg cramps for some days. But these things really did not bother me. What was worst for me was the melanin (over)production in my face, neck, underarms… wait come to think of it, I felt ugly because my whole body was so so dark! What happens to pregnancy glow supposedly to happen in all pregnant women? I guess, I was an exemption to the rule. Oh well!

so preggy at 9 mos

so preggy at 9 mos

About 2 weeks before my due date, while I was at home munching on my second ensaymada, I felt a mild pain around my lower back down to my bottom. It was so mild that I thought I was just having Braxton Hicks. Then suddenly when I was about to stand up to get a glass of water, a small amount of “urine” (my water bag had broken,apparently) trickled. That was the time that I panicked a bit. I called my OB-GYNE about it. She said I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. I callep up OMB in his office and told him I’m going to the hospital for an emergency checkup. At that time, a stubborn me thought that this was only a false alarm. I was elatedly wrong!

I went through a labor for only about 2 hours because I was losing amniotic fluid already. Otherwise, a dry labor would endanger my life as well as my baby’s life. So, at aroung 8:45, I delievered OMB via a C-section. Oh! It was my life’s greatest turning point, my life’s greatest achievement.

Pregnancy changes my view about women; we are tougher than men, ladies! Pregnancy made me realize that God indeed is magnificent for He made a woman’s body a vessel for another life. Pregnancy is indeed a journey, the most wonderful journey that any woman could ever travail. It is our gateway to more things, fantastic things to come.

With that, I want to impart this saying from an unknown author, “Pregnancy is a journey. At the end, a woman gives birth not only to a baby, but also to her own identity as a mother.”

To all pregnant moms, happy journey!

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When I was living the glorious life of a single working woman, I used to think that parties are only for kids and adults. I always tell my friends, I wouldn’t throw a lavish party for my son’s first birthday, the way other moms do. Not me. When I was pregnant with OMB, I was thinking of only inviitng close friends and have a simple party at home.


Lo and behold! Six months after, I’m already lurking all mom forums and reading all blog entries about moms who threw birthday bash for their 1 year olds. I see all the balloon decorations, giant tykes, host and magicians, character cakes and cupcakes, lootbags and giveaways… Boy, I tell you, I am getting excited!

But wait, with all the crisis (eg, hoarding of gas tanks, closing of plants and factories, laying off of employees, etc) our nation has right now, how could OMH (ohmyhubby) and I have the “budget” for the party? Surely, we need more than a few thousands here and there to be able to come even near to a perfect party we want for our precious one. Is it practical to have such party this year? What is the reasonable amount or budget we should allot?

My head suddenly aches. I know, I should stop now.

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