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Alfie Pattern, a 13-year-old boy from Britain, has become a father to baby Maisse Roxanne, weighing 7 lbs 3 oz. His girlfried Chantelle Steadman was 15 when she got pregnant. She said, “We know we made a mistake but I wouldn‚Äôt change it now. We will be good, loving parents.”

I do not know if I should believe this but it’s all over the net and has been the talk in mommy (and daddy) forums. At first I thought this is another hoax by those people who want either money or fame, or even both! However, if this is really true (I hope not!), I feel sad for the two adolescents and the newborn

Alfie is just a child. How could a child raise another child? Look at his frail small body. He barely looks 10, let alone 13! I can’t imagine him working hard to earn money so he could provide for his baby. When asked about how he could support the baby financially, Alfie answered: “What’s financially?” He is indeed a child in body and mind!

The world’s changing society is becoming “broken” indeed as the news call it. The parents of these two children should have protected them from the celebrity-like life the two have now. It used to be that this kind of “shame” was being kept secret in the family. The same “shame” is now being “shown” to the world, publicly announced for profit? A sad reality in life. I hope baby Maisse would grow up in a loving and supportive family. A young family could still “grow” to be God-fearing and not “broken.” There is still hope. Let’s pray for this new-breed family as well as for our children. They may grow up and come to know that this “world” of ours is still the best place to live in.


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Today’s Mommy Moments theme is “love letter”, that is, a love letter of your child(ren) or your love letter to your child(ren). Because OMB is only 6 months old, he could not write yet (obviously, but it’s just a matter of months more lol!). I opted to do the latter option, with the help and guidance of my hubby (of course!) ūüôā


Dear OMB,

Ever since you came out into this world, I’ve become a new person. This person that I am now is a better version of me. I’ve become patient, loving, compassionate, understanding, responsible, and more focused. All these because of you. You, my little boy, brought out the best in me, qualities that I once thought not part of my being. You made me love myself more. You are the main reason why I feel joy in my heart everyday. You made me understand that I need to be happy; now I have a reason to value my life and my work — you gave me direction, you gave me light, you gave me color. I am falling inlove with you every single day. I am looking forward to each passing day, the early morning sunshine, with you in my arms. I have loved you even before you become you. I love you now and forever.

With more love,
Nanay and Tatay

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Musing with a song

There is one particular song that has been refusing to leave my head the whole day today. It’s the song my hubby used to sing to OMB at night before OMB dozes off.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high.
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue.
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.
Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops.
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then – oh, why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow,
Why, oh, why can’t I?

Eversince my hubby started to work as a call center agent hence taking a graveyard shift, I was being compelled to sing that song to OMB for several nights now. It’s not working quite well. I guess my baby is missing his father’s voice, or perhaps, my voice is not soothing enough (my singing voice is bad, in short!).

Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops. That’s where you’ll find me.

Oh! I am missing my husband so much. If only he could have a better day job… there, I’ve said my wish. I hope the stars heard me and would come by tonight as I sing a song of lullaby to my baby…

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frugal1I’ve posted about the economic problems our nation¬†is facing. It is already a fact that a lot of filipinos are alarmed with¬†its inevitability.¬†We are not alone. Other countries are suffering from global economic meltdown.¬†Even this we cannot do something about.
So what now?
I say, live frugally. Here’s how I’ve been combatting the crisis:
1) Buy second-hand (slightly damaged) clothes and appliances. I love going to the thrift shops or ukay-ukay. Just recently, I bought a G2000 long-sleeved polo for OMH (ohmyhubby) for only PhP150!
2) Minimize¬†taking a cab/taxi. If it’s not that far or if I am not carrying a huge stuff, I take an FX or a jeepney to go to places.¬†Come to think of it, the flagdown PhP35 is¬†still much higher than the minimum fare of a jeepney or an FX, right? Think of the additional fare per kilometer; usually it would cost me a minimum of PhP100 everytime I go to a department store¬†to buy our weekly groceries. Imagine how much I could¬†save!
3)¬†Go to your nearest local wet market places rather than mall market. Meats at wet market are fresher than those frozen meats¬†we used to buy at a known mall’s hypermarket, and they are cheaper too!
4) Make one meal/viand for the whole day. This really works for us. The viand is already prepared in the morning since OMH and I are both working. It saves gas and prepping time.
5) Travel off seasons. Usually, the rates are much lower. OMH and I went to Bohol last year. Our rates were cut into half. The airline offered a 10-peso promo if you book in advance. We might do it again this year. Yipee!
¬†I’m still trying to follow some other frugal tips, but for now, these 5 items are in¬†the top of my list. I’ve done them and will surely continue practicing them. So far, so good ūüôā

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US recession. Intel Cavite shutdown. Accenture’s layoffs of¬†more than 500 employees. Ten rural banks closed in a week. And layoffs happening in a lot of call centers unreported.
What are these news telling us? For me, this kind of newsbreak is alarming. Some experts say we have economic turmoil, while others say these are the impact of global crisis happening right under our nose. These terms are big. I dont know what they really mean. But I sure feel their impact in the lives of most Juan dela Cruz.
OMH (ohmyhubby) is a call center agent.¬†The other call center office just beside their’s¬†has been laying off¬†it’s employees since the last quarter of¬†2008. He feels unsecured with his job right now.
I am a¬†regular employee of one of the biggest BPO companies in the Philippines. I used to earn on a piece rate basis during the period of 2001 to 2005. Then came 2006, the project I was part of was transferred to a province in Visayas. The management told us, they’re cost cutting; clients were¬†demandind lower prices. Before we knew what was really going on, almost all of the Manila-based projects were transferred to either provinces (where labor cost is cheaper) or other third world countries (again cheaper labor cost than we have here in our country). The management offered us a fixed salary –¬†ceiling rate. That was 2006, and up to this day, my salary then remained fixed.
OMB and I are starting to make modifications on our budget. This include cutting our expenses on certain things, thinking of new ways to earn extra money, and exercising frugality.
Times are hard. We need to be tougher, but we should always remember: God will provide.

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“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave” (Proverbs 22:7)
A close friend once¬†told me that debt is something that seeps into most people‚Äôs lives without them knowing it. You can hardly notice it. The moment you realized the danger of having debts, you’re already in the dark pit.
I am living with quite a huge debt now. “Quite” would mean a little over 20,000.¬† To some, it looks unalarming. I even spoke to a person who had a accumulated debt amounting to over a hundred thousand, yet she seemed ok, appeared stressed-out though.¬†¬†With me, an unpaid hundred bucks to a friend is¬†something that disturbs me at night. I need to pay her/him immediately, the next day that is. Well, to each his¬†own.¬†
I want to get out of the pit and never return, ever. It may seem too late because with my baby’s growing needs, how on earth I would be able to¬†budget¬†my money and that of OMH’s (ohmyhubby)?
It‚Äôs time to…
1) minimize my spending on clothes, but come to think of it, I already actually stopped buying clothes for me!
2) shorten my list of toiletries and beauty products (I feel rejuvenated from taking bath soaks and applying sweet smelly creams and moisturizers).
3) stop purchasing magazines.  There is a limited internet access at work where I
can steal (hush hush) an hour or so to visit my favorite sites.
4)¬†limit eating takeout/delivery food. Why not optimize my hubby’s cooking abilities? He loves to cook good food.
5) lessen dining out with friends. I’ll just invite them over for a lunch or dinner. It’s OMH’s chance to showcase his skills hehe

No more self-centered living. Time to grow up in a new and better way.

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Whoever says that living with an infant is easy has never been actually lived with one. It is NOT easy. How could I stress it more?

The following are the reasons why my living with my 6-month old baby is not easy:

1) Lack of sleep. Since I am breastfeeding OMB (ie, ohmybabyboy) EVEN at night, my used-to-be 8-hour-sleep has been disrupted. A 5-hour sleep to me is long enough. Just enough to get me going for the whole day – that comprised working for 8 hours in the office plus travel time of 30 minutes.

2) Sore nipples. Occurred during the onset of breastfeeding and now during teething. Great!

3) Limited budget for my personal needs and the hubby’s too. Since I got OMB, my visits to the mall have become visits only to buy OMB’s supply and buying a week’s groceries. Oh, I bought a new pair of sandals just recently. That’s the only new item I got since I became a mama. As for OMH (ie, ohmyhubby), nada!

4) Poop. Poop here, poop there, poop everywhere! Cleaning OMB’s butt is a job already, not for hubby’s… na ah…

5) Lesser intimacy moments with OMH. This becomes a challenge. But the good thing is… we’re victorious at times (wink wink wink)

6) A reprimand memo at work. A first in my 8-year career! I had over 20 unpaid absences and over 30 late occurrences in the last quarter of 2008. That’s the period when I was having a blast with my newborn. Excitement and exhaustion roll into one. I didn’t know then how on earth I would managed my time. This resulted to excessive absences and tardiness. No one to be blamed but me. With this memo, I might not be able to receive productivity bonus this year. Waaaahhh…

But please, never ever think that I am not happy with motherhood. In fact, I am so loving every moment of being OMB’s mama!

OMB is sleeping a bit longer now at night. He can last up to 4 hours without waking up to nurse. A milestone that makes me smile actually. It means I could have longer sleeping time plus more chances for intimacy with OMH (ehem not intended to arouse my readers’ imaginations hehe). So generally, life with OMB is great. These “complaints” I have are so nothing compared with the joy OMB is giving me. I couldn’t live a day without him. Oh, I just couldn’t live without him, that’s all.

Updates: The soreness of my nipples faded away as of yesterday. The pain was gone. In addition, my supervisor told me that she might not submit the memo to our HR department head. I dunno if that is allowed but she said she will do what she can to save me from getting a memo. Hence, a bonus for me might not be that far from possibility. Hmmm, God is good… especially to mothers!

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