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Life can be challenging at times, especially if you’re a Pinoy. Yes, you read it right. If you are a true-blooded pinoy/pinay living in seemingly chaotic/problematic country like Philippines, there is not much to expect. Negative news and negative remarks, you can hear and see all over the TV and newspapers; morning after morning, even before you swallow your first sip of coffee.

So have you heard? Lay offs and (Legacy) scandals. Better that you’ve not heard of it. It’s not going to make you feel good, trust me. And here is definitely not going to make you feel any better: Extremists threaten to behead red Cross hostage. (If you haven’re heard about this news, go to the link.)

A gunfight between our military men and Abu Sayyaf rebels has been taking place for several days now. And it will take long before it will end. Has it been going on for decades now? I’m not quite sure. Better check our history books. But more likely than not, this war in Mindanao has been existing long before I was born.

By the way, I also read somewhere else (I can’t remember) that US recession will be “in the air” for another year. Good Lord! I think lay offs are here to stay longer than we expected.

Good thing, we Filipinos are fighters, overcomers. If you’d ask Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Ninoy Aquino, they would probably tell you to be brave and fight for what is right for you: either write a book,or labor till you sweat with blood, or go to other country and make a living, then come back if you have saved enough. The result would be nationwide awareness, freedom, indignation. In short, we Filipinos are genius at making things work for the better. We are known for our very long patience. We waited more than 300 years to get to a free country status that we have now. So I’m very sure, we can make ends meet. We can get by.

After all, it’s just a matter of believing that everything is going to be alright. This, too, shall pass.

PS: Have you heard? Manny Pacquiao has given ABS CBN the right to cover his future fights, leaving GMA7 “angry”. Hmm… network war, Pacman.. now that’s what an average Pinoy call “good” news.


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Whoever says that living with an infant is easy has never been actually lived with one. It is NOT easy. How could I stress it more?

The following are the reasons why my living with my 6-month old baby is not easy:

1) Lack of sleep. Since I am breastfeeding OMB (ie, ohmybabyboy) EVEN at night, my used-to-be 8-hour-sleep has been disrupted. A 5-hour sleep to me is long enough. Just enough to get me going for the whole day – that comprised working for 8 hours in the office plus travel time of 30 minutes.

2) Sore nipples. Occurred during the onset of breastfeeding and now during teething. Great!

3) Limited budget for my personal needs and the hubby’s too. Since I got OMB, my visits to the mall have become visits only to buy OMB’s supply and buying a week’s groceries. Oh, I bought a new pair of sandals just recently. That’s the only new item I got since I became a mama. As for OMH (ie, ohmyhubby), nada!

4) Poop. Poop here, poop there, poop everywhere! Cleaning OMB’s butt is a job already, not for hubby’s… na ah…

5) Lesser intimacy moments with OMH. This becomes a challenge. But the good thing is… we’re victorious at times (wink wink wink)

6) A reprimand memo at work. A first in my 8-year career! I had over 20 unpaid absences and over 30 late occurrences in the last quarter of 2008. That’s the period when I was having a blast with my newborn. Excitement and exhaustion roll into one. I didn’t know then how on earth I would managed my time. This resulted to excessive absences and tardiness. No one to be blamed but me. With this memo, I might not be able to receive productivity bonus this year. Waaaahhh…

But please, never ever think that I am not happy with motherhood. In fact, I am so loving every moment of being OMB’s mama!

OMB is sleeping a bit longer now at night. He can last up to 4 hours without waking up to nurse. A milestone that makes me smile actually. It means I could have longer sleeping time plus more chances for intimacy with OMH (ehem not intended to arouse my readers’ imaginations hehe). So generally, life with OMB is great. These “complaints” I have are so nothing compared with the joy OMB is giving me. I couldn’t live a day without him. Oh, I just couldn’t live without him, that’s all.

Updates: The soreness of my nipples faded away as of yesterday. The pain was gone. In addition, my supervisor told me that she might not submit the memo to our HR department head. I dunno if that is allowed but she said she will do what she can to save me from getting a memo. Hence, a bonus for me might not be that far from possibility. Hmmm, God is good… especially to mothers!

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