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Alfie Pattern, a 13-year-old boy from Britain, has become a father to baby Maisse Roxanne, weighing 7 lbs 3 oz. His girlfried Chantelle Steadman was 15 when she got pregnant. She said, “We know we made a mistake but I wouldn’t change it now. We will be good, loving parents.”

I do not know if I should believe this but it’s all over the net and has been the talk in mommy (and daddy) forums. At first I thought this is another hoax by those people who want either money or fame, or even both! However, if this is really true (I hope not!), I feel sad for the two adolescents and the newborn

Alfie is just a child. How could a child raise another child? Look at his frail small body. He barely looks 10, let alone 13! I can’t imagine him working hard to earn money so he could provide for his baby. When asked about how he could support the baby financially, Alfie answered: “What’s financially?” He is indeed a child in body and mind!

The world’s changing society is becoming “broken” indeed as the news call it. The parents of these two children should have protected them from the celebrity-like life the two have now. It used to be that this kind of “shame” was being kept secret in the family. The same “shame” is now being “shown” to the world, publicly announced for profit? A sad reality in life. I hope baby Maisse would grow up in a loving and supportive family. A young family could still “grow” to be God-fearing and not “broken.” There is still hope. Let’s pray for this new-breed family as well as for our children. They may grow up and come to know that this “world” of ours is still the best place to live in.


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According to this site, SIDS is the sudden death of an infant under one year of age which remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation, including performance of a complete autopsy, examination of the death scene, and review of the clinical history.


Any mother’s fear is the death of her child. It is devastating to even think about it. This was what happened to Baby Tom, the son of Beth Morris of Warwick. Baby Tom is a 20-month-old toddler who found dead by his mom at his room, lying flat on his stomach. These things happen. Babies/toddlers die due to SIDS. This fact frightens me, gives me shriver, makes me wanna hold my son and stay awake all through the night of his sleep.


OMB is a 6-month-old baby boy. He is my firstborn, the love of my life, my life. Before I knew about this dreadful SIDS, I allowed OMB to sleep on his stomach. It started when he was just a newborn. Up to this day, he still sleeps on his stomach. He loves it. He wants to sleep that way. He can’t seem to have a good sleep if he’d sleep on his back. He would quickly turn over when he’d feel sleepy. When he’s in deep sleep, I would turn him back so he could lie down face up. I worry a lot. I know. But that’s what mothers are, right? We are concerned of our child’s well-being.
So I searched the net. Here’s what I found useful:
1. Place infants to sleep on their backs, even though they may sleep more soundly on their stomachs. Infants who sleep on their stomachs and sides have a much higher rate of SIDS than infants who sleep on their backs. [It is now my practice to put OMB back to lying down face up when he’s sleeping on his stomach.
2. Place infants to sleep in a baby bed with a firm mattress. There should be nothing in the bed but the baby – no covers, no pillows, no bumper pads, no positioning devices and no toys. Soft mattresses and heavy covering are associated with the risk for SIDS. [Uratex is the best 🙂]
3. Keep your baby’s crib in the parents’ room until the infant is at least 6 months of age. Studies clearly show that infants are safest when their beds are close to their mothers. [Good thing, OMB and I co-sleep in one bed.]
4. Do not place your baby to sleep in an adult bed. Typical adult beds are not safe for babies. Do not fall asleep with your baby on a couch or in a chair. [A good reminder to all of us moms and to remind our yaya as well.]
5. Do not over-clothe the infant while she sleeps. Just use enough clothes to keep the baby warm without having to use cover. Keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for you. Overheating an infant may increase the risk for SIDS. [A good ventilation will suffice. Otherwise, we put the air-con on.]
6. Avoid exposing the infant to tobacco smoke. Don’t have your infant in the same house or car with someone who is smoking. The greater the exposure to tobacco smoke, the greater the risk of SIDS. [Hubby and I don’t smoke, thank God!]
7. Breast-feed babies whenever possible. Breast milk decreases the occurrence of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Studies show that breast-fed babies have a lower SIDS rate than formula-fed babies do. [Oh, will someone pat my back? hehe]
8. Avoid exposing the infant to people with respiratory infections. Avoid crowds. Carefully clean anything that comes in contact with the baby. Have people wash their hands before holding or playing with your baby. SIDS often occurs in association with relatively minor respiratory (mild cold) and gastrointestinal infections (vomiting and diarrhea). [This is very important.]
9. Offer your baby a pacifier. Some studies have shown a lower rate of SIDS among babies who use pacifiers. [Really? OMB stopped using his pacifier when he turned 5 mos.]
10. If your baby has periods of not breathing, going limp or turning blue, tell your pediatrician at once. [This is alarming. Never should a baby become bluish. If this happens, something is very very wrong. Go to the nearest hospital at once.]
11. If your baby stops breathing or gags excessively after spitting up, discuss this with your pediatrician immediately. [Good advice.]
12. Thoroughly discuss each of the above points with all caregivers. If you take your baby to daycare or leave him with a sitter, provide a copy of this list to them. Make sure they follow all recommendations. [Noted.]
(Source: sids.org)
Prevention is better than cure.

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Whoever says that living with an infant is easy has never been actually lived with one. It is NOT easy. How could I stress it more?

The following are the reasons why my living with my 6-month old baby is not easy:

1) Lack of sleep. Since I am breastfeeding OMB (ie, ohmybabyboy) EVEN at night, my used-to-be 8-hour-sleep has been disrupted. A 5-hour sleep to me is long enough. Just enough to get me going for the whole day – that comprised working for 8 hours in the office plus travel time of 30 minutes.

2) Sore nipples. Occurred during the onset of breastfeeding and now during teething. Great!

3) Limited budget for my personal needs and the hubby’s too. Since I got OMB, my visits to the mall have become visits only to buy OMB’s supply and buying a week’s groceries. Oh, I bought a new pair of sandals just recently. That’s the only new item I got since I became a mama. As for OMH (ie, ohmyhubby), nada!

4) Poop. Poop here, poop there, poop everywhere! Cleaning OMB’s butt is a job already, not for hubby’s… na ah…

5) Lesser intimacy moments with OMH. This becomes a challenge. But the good thing is… we’re victorious at times (wink wink wink)

6) A reprimand memo at work. A first in my 8-year career! I had over 20 unpaid absences and over 30 late occurrences in the last quarter of 2008. That’s the period when I was having a blast with my newborn. Excitement and exhaustion roll into one. I didn’t know then how on earth I would managed my time. This resulted to excessive absences and tardiness. No one to be blamed but me. With this memo, I might not be able to receive productivity bonus this year. Waaaahhh…

But please, never ever think that I am not happy with motherhood. In fact, I am so loving every moment of being OMB’s mama!

OMB is sleeping a bit longer now at night. He can last up to 4 hours without waking up to nurse. A milestone that makes me smile actually. It means I could have longer sleeping time plus more chances for intimacy with OMH (ehem not intended to arouse my readers’ imaginations hehe). So generally, life with OMB is great. These “complaints” I have are so nothing compared with the joy OMB is giving me. I couldn’t live a day without him. Oh, I just couldn’t live without him, that’s all.

Updates: The soreness of my nipples faded away as of yesterday. The pain was gone. In addition, my supervisor told me that she might not submit the memo to our HR department head. I dunno if that is allowed but she said she will do what she can to save me from getting a memo. Hence, a bonus for me might not be that far from possibility. Hmmm, God is good… especially to mothers!

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Facebook, a social network just like Friendster, has been deleting breastfeeding photos of its members. Moms who have been the “victims” of this injustice created an account (in the same network) protesting this act. They screamed, shouted, wailed their disappointments over the said network’s management. Now, that’s what I call freedom of speech. Yeh baby!
A picture of lovebirds in their bedroom almost naked. A rebel teenage girl flashing her pairs. A picture of a couple making out in a party. A drunk guy with two sexy harlots on each side. Ive seen this kind of pictures in Facebook even in Friendster. Nothing is being done by the management, as far as I know, because I still see them. So what’s the fuss with a picture of a mother nursing her baby?!
Hey hey you people in Facebook, better straighten your minds and review your policy. If Facebook has already been created when you were babies, Betcha your mamas would have uploaded a shot of you sucking your mama’s nipples. Nothing is wrong with that! Hah! Im a proud breastfeeding mama. Oh, I am loving every second of it!

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